Securing Your Future

Alarm System

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Numerous detection devices are connected to your alarm panel to trigger an early alarm warning when a device detects a breach. Detection devices vary vastly in complexity and suitability to conditions, our expect team will provide advice on the optimal devices to guard your perimeter and buildings to ensure that you have a reliable intruder detection system operating.

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CCTV Solutions

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Complex camera’s, lenses, housings, software and recording devices for different conditions and environments make the selection and pairing of the correct equipment critical to an effective CCTV solution. Our CCTV experts will provide advice on the best equipment to achieve your objectives and budget.

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Access Control

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Integrated Card access control solutions control access to your building doors, lifts and barrier devices to ensure you are in full control of who enters your building and when. Integrated to your alarm and CCTV, the system can trigger alerts for authorised access attempts and record and transmit images at point of access to help you manage your buildings security and staff safety.

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Intercom Systems-v2

Multi unit intercom systems, integrated into door opening devices are essential to controlling access to multi story units and apartments. PRV can assist design, install, expand and maintain your buildings integrated intercom system to ensure reliable and effective operation.

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Security Monitoring

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Our 24 / 7 Grade 1 Monitoring centre professionally monitors and responds immediately to alarm events at your premises, ensuring that your alarm detection system is a proper security system that protects your assets and people.

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Guarding and Patrols

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Our professional, trained and licenced Security Guards are available to attend your premises as a response to an alarm event, or be present for security at your function or event. Random or organised patrols to your event or building are a very effective deterrent and assist ensure that valuable assets.

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We are committed to protecting your people and property

PRV Security offers a comprehensive range of electronic security products backup up by our professional team of licensed and certified consultants, installers and Grade 1 monitoring centre. Our teams vast experience in the industry will ensure that you receive the best solution for your requirements at a competitive price.

We provide state-of-the-art technology, trained professionals, and proven solutions to prevent theft, minimise inventory losses and monitor and maintain critical systems. Whether it's an alarm system, back to base monitoring or personal security system you require, rest assured that PRV have it covered.

Our commitment is to find the most suitable solution for you. Through our professional relationships with leading equipment manufacturers and our commitment to installing the highest quality and most versatile products, we offer you the full power of today's most advanced technology backed by a team of experienced and highly skilled security professionals.

We help protect your investment with on-going support and world-class customer service. All products and services that we provide are backed with full warranties and your satisfaction is guaranteed.