Securing Your Future

Commercial Alarm Monitoring

Why Monitoring?

Today, electronic security systems are a vital investment in protecting families, property, plant & possessions. This investment can do more than ring bells & sirens which by law must shut down in 5 minutes.

An intruder detection system is ineffective without a coordinated response to an alarm event. By linking your alarm system to PRV’s Grade 1 Monitoring centre, your facility is professionally monitored 24 / 7.

All activities that require urgent response will be transmitted by the central security link to the PRV Security 24 hour Grade 1 Monitoring Centre, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Security alarms, hold up & duress emergencies, fire, medical & critical plant alarms, even after hours access to buildings can all be strictly supervised by our sophisticated PRV monitoring computers .We strongly recommend back to base monitoring which coverts an alarm system into a security system

Digital Diallers

Use your normal telephone service to transmit Alarm signals to a special computer which Receives the coded message. By fitting a dialler to your siren, system response is assured via The PRV security link. GPRS is a security network provided by Telstra / Optus for use by approved Security companies for monitoring alarms where a high security risk exists. With GPRS wireless technology more clients are moving away from the normal dialler for alarm monitoring and moving towards GPRS monitoring.

Alarm Response

controlThe right response, at the first sign of trouble, adds that extra measure of protection. PRV Security maintains a record of the conditions monitored by the central security link & a list of the people & authorities that you select to notify.

Effective alarm operation requires the transmission & response of alarms & also the continual of monitoring of the following system conditions:

  • Intruder Alarms
  • Personal Attacks
  • Duress Alarms
  • Power Fail At The Premises
  • Low Battery Condition for Standby Power
  • System Fault or Tamper
  • System Isolation
  • Loss Of Communication To P.R.V Security
  • System Maintenance
  • Break Down Service Action

With a properly maintained & monitored security system, you are providing the best protection against loss of possessions & safeguarding your family.

Consider the additional protection which can be provided:

  • Medical emergency
  • Fire alarms
  • Low/high temperatures
  • Pumps
  • Hazardous gas protection
  • Response to any of these alarms can be tailored to suit your needs:
  • Police
  • Fire Brigade
  • Doctor
  • Security Patrol Company
  • Maintenance technician

Keys are held by a responsible alarm attendee are always of great assistance to PRV Security when advising the authorities to attend .They greatly appreciate the estimated time of arrival of key holders for access to the premises.

GPRS Transmission

Alarm Information is continuously transmitted to PRV Security via duplicated transmission paths which are monitored at a timed poll rate. The alarm message is sent over the GPRS network without making a phone call and incurring cost for the call. The GPRS can be backed up to a local telephone PSTN line or stand alone. Our GPRS systems are priced according to poll rate, either 90 second, 12 hour or 24 hour.

Speak to us about your needs and we can help find a solution that best suits your needs and budget