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Intercoms Systems

intercomsAn Intercom will afford you the peace of mind and comfort to check visitors before allowing or denying access.

Modern Multi-tenanted buildings rely on building intercom systems for visitors to be able to communicate with tenants and for tenants to grant access to both buildings and elevators.

The PRV team can assist with design, supply and installation of new systems or provide service and maintenance to existing systems, ranging from small tenancies to large high rise blocks.

Essential Building Function :

intercoms_267The intercom system allows you to view and speak to the person via a receiver station. You are then able to permit entry by pressing a release button that will unlock the gate or door. If you wish to deny the visitor access, the gate or door will remain locked.

Intercom systems can accommodate individual needs from a single one to one door station to multiple doors & receiver stations though out your home or business premises this allow areas at a distance or unseen to be restricted access via the intercom.

The technology allows connections to existing compatible phone systems, security system, internet PC or mobile phones this will allow you to view & speak to persons requesting entry before releasing the entry or exit points.

PRV Security consultants have the knowledge and expertise to ensure that you get the right system for your requirements and budget.